30 Jul
Glaucoma treatment in pune
Glaucoma – Causes, Types, and Treatment
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“Sight is one of our most valued senses that connects our brain to the outside world.” Glaucoma is an umbrella term that includes various eye ailments that affect th...
18 Sep
Digital Eye Strain Causes & Prevention
Digital Eye Strain Causes & Prevention
Category: Eye Care
An unhealthy work-life balance and extended hours of Work From Home causing dryness and digital eye strain? Here’s a small read about its prevention and care. The invention of C...
11 May
eyecare in COVID-19
COVID-19: How to take care of your eyes?
Category: Coronavirus, Eye Care
COVID-19 has been declared as a global pandemic. There are a lot of eye-related questions which will run in your mind: How to protect your eyes?, How to tell if you need to see ...
30 Sep
Lasik Surgery
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13 Aug
Lasik checkup in pune
Lasik Know How
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30 Apr
Signs Of Eye Stye
Category: Eye Expert Advice
Signs of Eye Stye are:- A bump near the edge of the eyelid that is red, swollen, hot, and very tender. You need to contact a doctor if : 1)The swelling does not subside within a...
14 Jan
Glaucoma treatment in pune
Eye Specialist’s Advice on Glaucoma Disease
Category: Eye Expert Advice
A few days ago, my friend, Dinesh, called to inform me that his father who stays in the village had undergone a routine eye check-up, and was diagnosed with Glaucoma. This was v...