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Cataract(Motibindu) treatment in Pune with Advanced Phaco Laser technology.

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When it comes to cataract surgery in Pune at Aakash Eye Clinic & Laser Center, the we complete the procedure in about 15 minutes with NO INJECTION, NO STITCH, NO PATCH, NO PAIN. We give anesthesia using eye drops and there is no need of an injection. Further, no patch is put on your eye after the surgery. You can start doing your normal activities right from the same evening.


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What is 'Cataract' (Motibindu)?

A Cataract is zero Opacification or clouding of our natural crystalline lens.
Clouded vision caused by cataracts can make it difficult to read, drive a car or see others' expressions.
Senile cataract is an age-related, vision-impairing disease characterized by gradual progressive clouding.
2 traumatic due to any trauma or injury

When is the right time for cataract surgery?

Cloudy or
blurry vision

Light sensitivity or seeing a halo around lights

Need to change glasses frequently

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Get Rid of Cataract in just 15 minutes
with World's best Stellaris Phaco machine
(painless surgery)

Patient Name : Appasaheb Bhujbal
Surgery Type  : Both Eye CATARACT
Location          : Viman Nagar, Pune
Age                   : 79 Yrs.

Patient Name : Mr. Popatrao Punde
Surgery Type  : BE mature CATARACT
Location          : Pune
Age                   : 69 Yrs.

Types of Lenses

For Cataract patients, cataract is removed by phacoemulsification MICS ( micro incision cataract surgery) through very small incision ( 1.8 mm ) then Intraocular lens is implanted in the eye. There are many types of Intraocular Lenses (IOLs) – Monofocal, Multifocal, Trifocal ,Edof and Toric Lenses.
Lens selection depends on the A-scan ,OCT and opd scan report .Doctor advises suitable lenses for your precious eyes as per your distance and near vision requirement and your daily work
Counsellers give you complete information about lenses that helps patients to select lense package